DrapeauDrapeau de la Bosnie-Herzégovine
Jardin de VÉNUS Naturist Résidence
D.627  "Ile de la Corrège" Village Naturiste. FR-11370 Leucate
Eng: "Jardins de Vénus" a Naturist Residence of Tourism
3 hectares + 3 hectares marine lake, made ​​in 2005.
"Garden of Venus" is part of the Village Naturist / FKK Leucate (45 Ha)
This resort forms a peninsula surrounded by a sea of water,
located opposite the marina and shops naturist "Aphrodite-village"
These fully equipped naturist s villas are 300 meters from the sandy beach.
A 200m the shops and restaurants of Aphrodite and Ulysses restaurants.
• Hotelleries: T2 / 3: 24 apartments with one bedroom, kitchen & Bathroom.
Hospitality: T4: 60 duplex Villas: with 3 bedrooms, kitchen & Bathroom ...
Equipment: Of water sailor, monitored 400 Meters Naturist beach, beach shower, parking.
Associative CLUB & Entertainment Life in Venus.
• Address: "Jardin de Vénus": 1 Rue de la Nature, Naturist VILLAGE FR-11370 LEUCATE.